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My first job was to create virtual worlds in VRML as a part of a small team. In 2004, I spent a summer in the Yellowstone National Park as a member of work and travel program. When I came back, I started working on Digital Reality's Field Ops RTS game as a 3d artist. Next year I won a scholarship to Klagenfurt, Austria.


After returning to Hungary, I had an opportunity to join to the Egon and Dönci team and work on the first hungarian CG feature animation. After the film was done, I graduated as a physicist, but the possession for CG and animation was so strong, I became an animator at Crytek, a computer game company.


Besides my full time job I participated in various film projects and I was an instructor on 3dStudio Max animation, character animation and rig techniques at the Mesharray Autodesk training center where I was student few years ago. Although I had great time at Crytek I always wanted to go back to film so I completed the character animation program at and I had a chance to animate a short film alone at the well-known Kecskemétfilm animation studio so I decided to move to Kecskemét.


Recently I am working on managing small projects and supervising art outsourcing on a feature animation 'Another Day Of Life' made by Platige Images.


In the future, I would like to work on feature films, shorts, game trailers or advertisements. As most of the animators, my dream is to work for a big studio, learn from the best and do great performance animation, bring life into my characters.

Szilárd Hadobás

About me

All started many years ago. When I was 17, I found the Imagine2 and feeling of the power of creation changed my life. I became acquainted with Lightwave5, and I was impressed by the simplicity of animating using it. In 1998 I started college, studied physics, and I took a course of 3dStudio Max3.1 basics. A year later I completed the 3DSMax5 mastercourse, which gave me a general knowledge of the software, with some film and pipeline basics. Since I studied programming, I was interested in scripting and extending Max, so I took the Maxscript course, where my master was László Sebő, the author of the famous Meshtools.


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